Do You Need to Change the Pitch of Your Roof?

If you’re thinking of a major home renovation and you’d like to start with your roof, then one of your options would be to change its pitch. If you have had enough of your flat roof and you want it raised for better design and performance, then you’re free to do so.  

But there are more advantages to installing a high pitched roof than just making it more efficient in draining snow and water. With a high-pitched roof, you can actually install vaulted ceilings in your home. How’s that for starters 

Why Change the Roof Pitch 

A simple change in the roof pitch can remarkably change the look of your house. If it used to look like a ranch before, raising the pitch will make it look like a cottage. But then, you must know everything about the project before embarking on it.  

Roof pitch pertains to the steepness of the roof’s slope. It is actually determined by the rafters, walls, and ridges in the attic space. Changing the pitch of your roof pertains to replacing its roofing materials. This project is more than just a typical roof replacement task. 

How to Change the Roof Pitch 

Installing a new roof is an entirely different thing than changing its pitch. New roof installation means tearing off and replacing the old material used for the roof, such as the shingles, flashing, decking, and gutter system. On the other hand, changing the pitch of the roof requires more complicated structural changes. Things like the roof’s eaves, ridges, props, internal walls, and rafters, have to be replaced.  

It’s true that changing the roof’s pitch requires a major decision. It’s a type of project that you don’t decide on overnight because it’s definitely going to be very expensive. But why do you need to change the pitch of your roof? Below are some reasons why.  

  1. Your roof is having seriousproblems

Replacing the roof’s underlying structure merits a good reason and that reason may be a major rotting or sagging of the roof. If your roof is sagging due to rotting, then the problem doesn’t only appear on the decking but on with its foundation. 

  1. You need additional space. 

The roof can be transformed into an attic for additional storage space. If you can’t add more room laterally, then you can always go up. If this is the reason for changing the pitch of your roof, it’s best that you also consult with a structural engineer.   

  1. You want to improve the headroom.

Raising your roof also means raising the ceiling in your home. This is going to be quite a project, so make sure that you go every detail with a seasoned contractor to help you out. Go out there and talk with a Plant City metal roofing company that is an expert in this kind of project. They should make you a plan on how to go with the project.  

Whatever your reason is for changing your roof, make sure that you thought out the project very well. You need the help of professionals so you’ll be presented with the best options for exemplary results. 

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